I authorise the processing of my personal data with Legislative Decree 196/03*


It is required a deposit of 20 % on the total booking, payable by bank transfer or credit card. Accepted credit cards:


Reservation will be is accepted only after receiving the payment or if accompanied by payment details . The balance must be paid upon arrival , in cash or in mode provided and / or approved by the management.

 Confermation of booking

After receiving the booking request and verified the down payment, will be sent a confirmation of your booking in your favor .

 Check-in and Check-out

Unless needs details of our guests, the delivery of local and expected after 16.00 hours.

To reserve you a proper welcome, if your time of arrival should be different from what you indicated, please telephone alert management.

The gentlemen guests are invited, upon arrival, to provide an identity document currently valid to enable the compilation of the card P.S. According to legal provisions.

Please be informed that, the day of departure, the premises must be vacated by 11.00.

Not allowed the guests for Public Security reasons, access to other people in the B & B VillaChiara.

Occasional visits and appropriate to notify the management .

 Booking cancellations

Up to 14 days before the scheduled date of arrival , the direction will return the entire amount of the advance paid.

Less than 14 days from the date of arrival, the Management will withhold 50% of the paid more costs of bank and administration costs.

Less than 3 days before arrival date, not no refund.

If you leave before the agreed date no refunds.

Should it be the B & B Villa Chiara forced to cancel the booking will be suitable alternative proposal, and if it is not accepted will be returned the entire down payment in the most shortest possible time The management of B & B Villa Chiara will not answer of booking cancellations occurred due to force majeure increased, as in the case of extraordinary natural events or reasons of public order imposed by the authorities competent and / or non iputabili to B & B Villa Chiara .


Any complaint is taken seriously by us and for this reason we ask you to fill out the guest satisfaction questionnaire that there will be delivered to your arrival.

The management of B & B Villa Chiara and exempt from any kind of responsibility and damage that can come from events or omissions intentional and / or negligent of other clients of the B & B Villa Chiara or third parties in general, including with regard to any damage that They were caused by burglary, breaking or tampering, attempted or occurred by theft, robbery or cause a fire, which could occur in areas of the B & B Villa Chiara.

The management of B & B Villa Chiara does not respond for any purpose or reason, for damage caused by any bruises, losses, damaged items, thefts of precious, jewelry, money and anything else left unattended in areas of residence and B & B Villa clear.

Not liable eventual disruptions due to total or partial lack of supplies such as gas, electricity, water or internet connection is not dependent on our will.


Please maintain a behavior that in any moment of the day damage the others tranqillita. In case of depletion, loss, breakage of objects and things for gross negligence or willful misconduct by the host, the same (or a representative in the event of which accommodate guests on behalf of companies , etc. ) And held to be jointly and severally damages.

The management of B & B Villa Chiara and in possession of a duplicate of the keys and will have free access to local in cases of proven need.

They inform our guests that the loss of the lords of the premises and the keys implies a euro compensation ...

Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

It's not allowed to leave pets unattended in the residence and the premises of the B & B VillaChiara.